The first step is to schedule a complimentary 15 Minute Discovery Call. During the call, Andrea will take the time to learn more about you and your project. At the end of the complimentary call an in person consultation may be booked.

Complimentary Discovery Call

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The Design Consultation occurs after the Discovery Call. All projects start with a Design Consultation.  The Design Consultation serves as a kick-off meeting for the "Design Only" or "Full Service Design" packages. Alternatively, the Design Consultation can also serve as a stand alone service for clients that just need a few hours of design advice to figure out the perfect layout or select paint colors.  Meeting in your home allows Andrea the ability to view the space, assess the scope of the project and learn more about your design goals.  At the end of the consultation you will feel excited and inspired for the next step in the design process. . It is possible to accomplish a lot in the consultation and Andrea will provide a follow up email with notes and action items discussed. 

Design Consultation

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Do you prefer to take a hands on approach when it comes to designing your home but feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer amount of decisions that it takes to complete a room?  Then the "Design Only" package is right for you.   Andrea designs your space to fit your style, lifestyle and budget.  Andrea will source everything you need to complete your room (from drapery to sofas to art to case goods) and you will execute the design on your own timeline.  This service can be provided virtually.

Design Only

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Do  you want to live in a beautiful space but short on time?  For busy families the Full Service Design Service is right for you.  Andrea Krill Interiors will handle every single aspect of the design process from concept to installation.  At the end of our time working together you will have a beautiful space you're proud to call home.

Full Service Design

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The honor is not lost on me when a client welcomes me into their house and grants me the important task of turning it into a home.  Let's get started on your space.

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