I am an interior designer serving families along Philadelphia's Main Line and Western Suburbs.  I believe every family should love their home and I will get you there one room at a time.

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Andrea’s design philosophy is rooted deeply in her belief that everyone should feel a sense of calm when they walk through their door at the end of a long day and a sense of pride when they welcome guests into their home.

Andrea’s design aesthetic was honed from a young age as she watched her childhood home built nail by nail and board by board at the hands of her master carpenter father. As a child Andrea accompanied her grandparents as they traveled the tri-state area collecting and selling their beloved antiques. The custom home that her father built and mother thoughtfully decorated taught her the importance of surrounding yourself with beautiful and well made items. But even more important than “things” in your home are the people you share it with. The people are the “why” behind Andrea’s design philosophy. Your home should be a comfortable space for everyone in your family and a welcoming one for guests.

To this day Andrea’s favorite treasures are the pieces she inherited from her grandparents, the art gifted to her by her brother, and the pieces of furniture built by her father. Whether it is an old or new treasure, Andrea surrounds herself with pieces she loves. She thinks your home should be a reflection of all of the items you love too and knows that sometimes it takes an expert eye to pull it all together.

Andrea believes that the only thing better than a beautiful space is a functional one. As a mom of four, she knows that your home needs to work well for you and your family. For this reason, Andrea Krill Interiors excels at creating timeless, family friendly, livable spaces for busy families.  Andrea believes in investing in quality pieces and quality craftsmanship so that your home will be enjoyed for years to come. Andrea's promise to clients is to listen, identify pain points in their home, and design a space that not only looks beautiful but functions well for how their family lives.

Andrea leverages her experience as a CPA and as such is exceptionally mindful of her client’s budgets and diligent in running her firm with a concrete set of processes that ensures each project is completed on time, on budget and to our clients expectations. This process driven and fiduciary approach ensures that at the end of our time working together not only do you have a beautiful and functional home - the process to get there was fun and stress free. Let’s connect!


Founder and Principal Designer

The honor is not lost on me when a client welcomes me into their house and grants me the important task of turning it into a home.  Let's get started on your space.

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